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Things You Learn When You Move In With Your Boyfriend

You learn an awful lot about a person once you start living together. Every weird habit, fart and annoying quirk is out in the open and quite frankly, it's a test of your relationship, but a good test. And I'm pretty sure the main test is for men, seeing if they can put up with living with us when we leave 5 half full cups of tea around everywhere. Well, I mean me.

Jamie and I

You will fight about furniture
| I grew up in a shabby chic paradise when I lived with my Mum and granted I am a tad more quirky now, I have still adopted that 'all white' decor taste. Nobody told me that men don't like all white walls, furniture and rugs. I'm still not sure how I'm going to tackle my boyfriends idea of having dark furniture but I'm sure it'll involve Blair Waldorf style blackmail. 

There will always be a 'laundry pile' | Men are rubbish at laundry. My boyfriend seems to think that a laundry basket doesn't exist in our apartment and he just leaves his jeans, shirts and jumpers in a pile on a chair and then complains when they're not clean. My boyfriend doesn't even know how to do laundry. I don't trust him either. I could send him on a college course for laundry and I still wouldn't trust him to not ruin my ASOS dress.

Every meal needs a meat with it | Men are weird about their meals. Everything has to be manly. It can't be eaten if there's no massive steak on their plate and god forbid I put some cute little cut up carrots on the plate. What's wrong with vegetable lasagne and meat free Mondays anyway?

Men don't appreciate art | Men fart all the time but If you buy a cute canvas with a gold pineapple on it, all hell breaks loose. Seriously. Men have no appreciation for good artwork or bedroom goals. Yes, I am going to put 10 pillows and a throw over the bed once we're out of it and no you're not going to ruin it for me by messing them up.

There is always someone to kill the spider | I will do mostly everything but I rule the line at going within 50 feet of a spider, so I am grateful to have someone around to do it for me. Or if you have a horrible boyfriend he'll pretend to throw it at you first. 

Supermarket shopping is a war zone | I have stopped physically going to Tesco and do the shop online as there was almost always a domestic about what bread to buy and quite frankly things can get pretty expensive when he insists on buying Ben and Jerry's full price (Who even does that?)

Hair drives men mad | It's legit not my fault that my hair is like three hundred feet long and I shed. Hairs will end up in his beard and in the dinner and he'll pick it out with a disgusted look on his face like you've just killed his first born. For real. And I won't even mention bobby pins at this point.

His clothes are so much comfier | "Yes I am going to take your hoodie and trackies and you cannot stop me."

It's so fun doing nothing | "Erm no sorry I'm not going to come to Revs tonight Sandra because me and my more significant other are doing nothing tonight" - This will become your life.

You have to share everything | There is no such thing as eating a whole pack of Malteasers to yourself because they'll always be someone next to you to eat most of them for you.

He'll see you plucking your eyebrows once... | ... and make you now do his for the rest of time. 

You're always with your bestest friend | Yay for having someone you can sit in bed with whilst wearing no make-up with your hair in some weird bun/half ponytail watching The Walking Dead.

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  1. I love this post! It's all true! Apart from my husband would have actually eaten all the Malteasers without sharing , even if I hid them at the back of the cupboard. And ..... It is essential to leave a window open in the bedroom , even it's freezing, to get rid of feet and fart smells! Lol !

  2. haha, it's true about every meal needing meat in it - my ex hated it if I ever tried out anything meat free.

  3. So so true!!! It doesn't get better either haha. I've managed to sway him to a modern decor with our house, but I do miss having completed control over the way I want our home to look. Before him as well my place was always spotless. He doesn't seem to put ANYTHING away and thenI just give up! *sigh* haha x

  4. All very true, it is amazing how men are all pretty much the same x

  5. Haha men must hate us sometimes with all our strange habits, my hair malts like a cat and it drives people mad. I'm like I can't help having such long thick hair!

  6. I LOVE THIS POST!!! This made me laugh so much I agree with almost every post. The sharing chocolate is the hardest :)

  7. ha ha - so true, but it's great fun isn't it? :)

  8. Haha I love this post - it is so true, my flat was a lot neater before he moved in as well haha x

  9. My boyfriend INSISTS on having meat in most meals - I feel your pain. He is far too tight to buy B & J at full price though! Great post, so so true ;)

  10. Oh I did laugh all the way through this, especially the hairs lol x

  11. Love this post. xx

  12. Hahaaa I love this post!
    Especially when you mentioned the laundry and sending him on a college course for laundry...Hilarious!
    Alexandria from

  13. Hehe these are all so true and so funny. Especially the hair thing, my husband goes crazy! They really are from Mars aren't they.

  14. Haha I love this post! When I moved in with my ex who we lived together for 4 years I could relate to so many of these! Now I love being able to decorate how the hell i like and i don't have to share my chocolate mwahahhaha!

  15. Haha you have hit the nail right on the head with this post! I can relate to so many of these!

  16. Haha good post. I have all this to look forward to when I move in with my boyfriend. Luckily, we're both veggies so no meat with every meal huzzah!

    Catstello |

  17. If you want, we can to follow each other on bloglovin! Just follow me here and I'll follow you back! ♥

  18. omg soooo true!!! Everything has to be manly! My bf and I are planning to get married and were talking about redoing the house we will be staying in. I said i want an all white kitchen. He went all no! no! no! So now... we are having a black and white kitchen.

  19. Haha so true. I think the laundry pile is my worst - the other half puts his laundry just outside of the wardrobe when 1 foot away (inside the wardrobe) is the basket... How hard is it... gosh! haha

    Thanks for the laugh :)

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