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I recently did a Twitter poll to decide what kind of posts I want to start putting out and this kind of post was the most requested! I have now got some pretty good ideas for future blog posts, but for now, here is a little more about me, what I do, where I live and how my blog came about... So basically just you guys nosing into my life!

I've never been good with proper introductions, it's probably my weak spot... but I think it's cool to get to know the person writing the blog you read. After all, I'm not just a blog, I'm a real life person!
I live in Cambridge with my boyfriend Jamie and attend Anglia Ruskin university. I've lived here all my life bar a couple of years in Essex from 16 to around the age of 18, where I then applied for ARU and moved back to Cambridge. Woah, seems hectic. I'm realistically an aspiring journalist/content writer but I think if I could have any job, it would be working for a magazine such as Cosmopolitan or Glamour. I have a bit of a love affair with print media. I like to support print publications as there really is nothing like having a physical copy of something in your hand! Oh, plus the entire industry is going digital! :( 

I'm trying to think of intrusive things I can tell you guys about myself. Jobs! I've had a few jobs, my longest one in Cambridge being a shot girl/bartender at a nightclub. It wasn't a glam job, let me tell you that. The sheer amount of weird, abusive stuff you get shouted at you every night has given me have the thick skin of Iron Man. Here's a picture of my more fun nights though, being a 'shot girl' which is basically pimping yourself out to get rowdy, drunk guys to sign up to a mailing list or buy a jagerbomb. I'd never, ever do it again and I don't recommend it either. That job also became really difficult once Jamie came into the picture! 
I've been at uni since September 2014 (wow, that feels like ages)! I made the decision to drop out during my first year as I didn't think the course I was on (Media) was right for me, despite doing it at BTEC. I wasn't passionate about what I was learning and I hadn't been taking the course seriously. I now do English Literature and I quite like it, although it is very difficult at times and some it it doesn't feel relevant to me.. but that happens on every degree in my opinion. There's always a large part of it that you will feel disconnected from. I go to Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge and it's an okay campus. I applied through clearing though so I don't really have an idea of what other universities are like. I still don't always feel like uni was the right choice for me, but when there is no apprenticeships or suitable jobs, what can young people really do?
I started my blog mainly because I wanted to connect with people like me! I've always watched beauty youtubers and read blogs, but never considered starting one myself until I was very bored over the summer last year. I started off buying myself a domain, an awful Etsy layout and snapped some photos with my iPhone. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and to be honest, my posts were downright awful. I still have a few of my old posts up, and they need re-vamping as I think the content was okay, but the photos lacked anything to do with 'me'. I now know way more about blogging, promotion, HTML, copyright and all the other boring stuff, so I hope I'm putting out relatively good content! I've really enjoyed being in the blogging community so far but there are definitely a few aspects of it I don't like. (I did a post about that here if you want to read!)

I have a huge passion for make-up and buy a lot of it. More so than clothes, oops. It's something I've become fairly good at it over the past year or so and would love to do it freelance someday! I always get asked about doing it for other people, but it's a very expensive hobby/job to start. I also don't feel comfortable enough to charge people, but I also don't want to work for free, either. Who does? I have my M&S peach tea habit to fund here. I enjoy playing Elder Scrolls too. Although I haven't played for months, because I got bored of it. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

Future Goals
I think over the Summer I want to work and save up for my driving lessons, which I really need to continue as I sort of dumped them after 13 lessons when I moved to Cambridge (Bad idea!!). I'm hopefully going to start doing some vlogs soon, and maybe Youtube videos later on in the Summer, just because some of my blog post ideas would work better as videos, E.G. Primark hauls/A day in the life. I really want to do a boyfriend does my make-up video too, but I think there is more chance of a zombie apocalypse before Jamie agrees... but I'm working on it!

Hopefully, you guys know a little bit more about me now and if you have any questions, do just ask! I'm on Twitter as well if you want to follow me (here)! 

This was a simple/quick/ filler post that's been in my archive for a while that I have decided to post because I am working on exam revision/essays currently and take priority! I might be MIA as I have exams and essays due this month. Guest posters welcome, drop me an e-mail :)

 You can also find me at:

Natasha Kendall Blog



  1. Aw this was really lovely and interesting to read! Hope you manage to achieve everything you want to:)xx

    Lauren |

  2. I loved reading through this post so much - its always lovely to get to know a blogger better and it feels a bit more personal!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Love these kinds of posts, it's always interesting to hear about peoples life.

  4. This was a great post to read - it is so hard to write about yourself but it gives everyone a better sense of 'you' behind the blog. I really enjoyed it :)
    Rebecca | Notes From September

  5. I got into blogging for the same reason! I really wanted to meet other people who loved beauty like me :) It's nice to read a personal post!

  6. This post was lovely to read and those pictures of you are so pretty!

    X Nathalie

  7. I love how you've introduced yourself to your readers, it's always lovely reading a bit more about the person writing your favourite posts. I also ditched my driving lessons recently haha! x

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