Saturday, 25 June 2016

I'll Say It: I Hate Liquid Lipsticks

Okay, I know this post will be controversial as liquid lipsticks have taken the beauty world by storm, BUT... It's just how I feel. I've tried really, really hard to jump onto the craze, but I just can't.

Let me explain. So you're going out, and you think 'Okay, I'll wear my Colourpop liquid lipstick'. This then means 45 minutes of letting chapstick sink into your lips whilst you do the rest of your make-up, in the hopes that you can look decent after applying the thin coat of what may as well be industrial strength paint, all over your lips. You leave the house, feeling 'on fleek' because your liquid lipstick looks nice, and your lips are a cute colour. Fast forward an hour and a half later, after 3 drinks and some nibbles, you pop to the bathroom. You look at your lips in the mirror: Low and behold, they have transformed into a flakey mess and you have the horrible crusty line on your inner lip. You roll your eyes as you layer over some more product and hope that nobody notices the thicker, crustier part of your lip. Because with liquid lipsticks, there is no taking on and putting back on, unless you carry a tub of olive oil around with you. See my point?

I really wish I loved the liquid formula that people rave about, but I just can't. I find it painfully obvious when someone is talking to me and they have the 'liquid lipstick line' on their lip. When did normal lipsticks go out of fashion? Why don't we all obsess over Mac Velvet Teddy anymore? I miss the good old days when girls thought that Ruby Woo was drying! I can just about handle the NYX Lip Lingeries and Soft Matte Lip Creams, as they are very moussy, but even then, I leave the house prepared for a battle making my lips look good in the bathroom or in my boyfriend's mirror iPhone screen in GBK after a burger. Life is hard when you wear liquid lipstick, and I am a fuss free girl. Okay, that's a lie. But I do try to wear products that will look good even after one bite of a burger.

Am I doing things wrong? Have I angered the liquid lipstick gods by trying out Colourpop and hating it? Maybe I have. But until I am recommended a product that doesn't need checking for cracks every 5 minutes, I'm sticking with lipsticks... The traditional kind!

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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Colourpop Haul

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I recently did a Colourpop order and as usual, I feel the need to share my new goodies with you all! If you've never tried anything from Colourpop and want to, you can read my post that details how to ship it to the UK here!

I love Colourpop because the products are so differet from my other make-up. The long lasting formula amazes me everytime and the eyeshadows are like a super spongy cushion that blend out with no effort at all. I do tend to stay away form the liquid lipsticks though, as the formula is awful in my opinion and I hate the thin liquid they use, I much prefer a moussey texture because they don't flake off everywhere. Maybe I'm not cut out for the liquid lipstick life! However, I just had to buy my back up of the brow pencil I'm loving lately, as the products they sell are considerably smaller gram sizes than other brands and I was worried that mine will run out (i'm over dramatic, ok..)
I think that's what makes Colourpop great, though! If you want to build up a large lipstick or eyeshadow collection, it's so cheap to do it because at $5, you can have every colour under the sun and spent the equivalent of 6 high end lipsticks.

I ordered:

Crenshaw (Super Shock Matte Eyeshadow)
Nillionaire (Super Shock Metallic Eyeshadow)
Sequin (Super Shock Metallic Eyeshadow)
Lovely (Super Shock Metallic Eyeshadow)
Tootsi (Lippie Stix)
Pillow Talk (Lippie Stix)
Frik N' Frack (Lip Pencil)
Brink (Lip Pencil)
Black N' Brown (Eyebrow Pencil)

I would highly recommend the lip liners and I always pick up a couple when I order, because they apply so creamily and smoothly. And unlike brands such as Mac, there is a liner to match nearly every lipstick which is really handy! The matte eyeshadow, Crenshaw, is one I'm looking forward to trying the most out of my haul. I wasn't impressed with the lighter matte shades, so I bought this very warm brown tone to use as a transition colour. I hope it works well, because otherwise that's a whole $5 wasted.. Just kidding.

Do you guys like any of my latest picks? What have you bought recently? 

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Are They Worth It: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Gloss vs. Other Brands

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Gloss by Kylie Jenner compared to NYX butter gloss and other brands

I wanted to start a new series on my blog, detailing whether something is worth it. It could be down to the sheer cost of a product, the time it takes to get your hands on it (Morphe 35O...) or the general time and hassle associated with a product. I wanted to include some comparisons to other lip glosses from brands such as NYX and Urban Decay, as I know it's super easy for someone to write 'yep, it's a gr8 gloss' and not compare it to other products.

The Kylie Cosmetics Gloss:

Pigmentation: 10/10
Scent: 8/10
Formula: 9/10
Packaging: 10/10
Wand: 3/10
Lasting Power: 7/10
Price: 3/10

The Kylie Cosmetics gloss, price wise, works out at £20. It's $15 for the gloss and $15 for shipping to the UK. I think the price is a lot of money for what you get as lip glosses aren't exactly expensive to formulate! The packaging is deceiving as it's a significantly smaller amount than other products. I really do love this gloss though. I mean, it could just be because it's by Kylie Jenner, but it smells so good and it actually looks good. I like the formula because it doesn't feel sticky or gloopy on the lips despite being very thick. I think the pigmentation helps with that, because you don't need to put layers and layers on to get any colour payoff, which I think with most glosses, that is the downfall. I have to be honest about this product though, I hate the wand. Minus the wand drama, I just don't like the short little brush; it doesn't apply as accurately as it could. I've seen people stating that the gloss is 'too thick' for a doe foot applicator, but I don't think that's true at all, I really do think that this formula could be compatible with a doe foot (cry). I really do like that this feels moisturising on the lips as well though.

The NYX Butter Gloss

Pigmentation: 6/10
Scent: 8/10
Formula: 6/10
Packaging: 8/10
Wand: 4/10
Lasting Power: 5/10
Price: 9/10

With the blogger fave brand NYX now (FINALLY!) very accessible to us UK beauty fiends in the UK, the butter gloss is a sweet smelling, dessert inspired lip gloss range. The colours range from pretty pinks to brown nudes. I do like these and I own Red Velvet (which has actually never even been used..) and Tiramisu! Obviously this post is a kind of comparison post to the Kylie Gloss, which knocks these out of the water, but I'll start with the positives. NYX is cheap. You get 8ml for £6.50 in the UK whereas the Kylie Gloss is 2.60ml for £20. Talking of packaging, I love the fact that these are small, as you can organise them easily in storage. The formula is a little inconsistent in the Butter Glosses, as some shades apply more evenly than others, and it's quite gloopy, but not overly sticky. You wouldn't necessarily need a mirror to apply these, which I like. The wand is really small, and I would prefer it to be bigger, but this is a drugstore product so it'll never be perfect.

The Urban Decay Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss

Pigmentation: 4/10
Scent: 2/10
Formula: 4/10
Packaging: 10/10
Wand: 5/10
Lasting Power: 4/10

A disappointing mess, is what I would call the Urban Decay lip gloss. I own Rule 34 as my boyfriend bought me it last year for my birthday and it's safe to say, I've used it about twice. The packaging is what first caught my eye: Pretty, gold and sleek.. right up my street! You can probably tell from my swatches that this looks a little disappointing. The colour just isn't there and it lacks the pigment to really make the gloss stand out on the lips. Scent wise, this gloss smells vaguely minty and medical. Just imagine walking into the hospital ward. That's what it reminds me of. I like the wand, as it's a doe foot and slanted, but that's pretty much it. It's also super gloopy and sticky, and for £15, I expected better.

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Gloss by Kylie Jenner - Wand compared to other brands such as NYX and Urban Decay UK

To conclude my little round-up, if you want an extremely pigmented gloss that smells good, order from Kylie Cosmetics. I haven't found a gloss (except maybe Mac's Vamplify Gloss, which I don't own) that matches up yet. I will warn you though, you are paying a good chunk for the name on the tube as well and shipping is quite expensive too. The NYX Butter Glosses are like a poundland version of the Kylie glosses, but are probably the best alternative in terms of price and smell. They also aren't half as pigmented.. but they're £6, so you can probably see why. I would say that the Kylie lip glosses look like you're wearing lip liner underneath, which in my book, is worth the money.. but with Colourpop's Lip Gloss release, we'll see how they compare to that!

Do you have any dupes for the Kylie gloss?

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