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SPECTRUM BRUSHES: Just A Pretty Instagram Picture?

I've been really curious about Spectrum ever since they hit the market and become a bit of a blogger fave. Their pastel pink branding always catches my eye, but I've never thought to try them as I already own Zoeva brushes and thought 'do I really need that many brushes?' .. but being a beauty blogger, trying new things is my forte! Here is what I thought of them and how they hold up... [At the time of writing, I've had these brushes for around a month or so.]
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The Price
Spectrum brushes are priced very well. You can get a complete eye set for around £30, which, generally speaking, is the cost of around one Mac brush. They are also sold separately with prices ranging from £4 to £10, so it's great if you just wanted to see if you like them and order one or two. They're sold on Beautybay, so you could even just add one to your next MUG order! (Shhh, I know you all do one every week like me!). In comparison to brands such as Zoeva and Mac, these are really a good beginner set if you're new to doing your make-up or just on a budget. Other brands can definitely be a little pricier if you're looking for the entire eye or face sets, but at £30 for a complete eye set or £40 for the mixed set pictured.. it's a good starting point.

The 10 Piece Essentials Set (Pictured) contains..
B01 Flat Top Buffer (£9) 7/10
A01 Large Domed Powder (£9) 10/10
A05 Small Angled Blush (£7) 9/10
B03 Buffing Concealer (£5) 8/10
A06 Large Fluffy Shader (£5) 8/10
B06 Tall Tapered Blender (£5) 6/10
B04 Small Angled Blender (£4) 8/10
A09 – Angled Eyeliner (£5) 3/10
A17 Angled Brow (£4) 9/10
A15 Lip Liner (£4) 3/10

Spectrum Synthetic, cruelty free, vegan brushes, bristles close up

Worth it?
The brushes are 100% synthetic, which makes them ultra soft. This is something people seem to either love or hate from what I've seen, but I've personally used synthetic brushes before and don't mind the fluffy feel of them. I do like the slight scratchiness (not literally) from my well washed Zoeva eye brushes, but I can see why some people prefer the softness of these. I must say, I really loved the BO1 Flat Top Buffer Brush. I usually hate using a brush for my make-up, but this was easy to use. It's one downside is how insanely hard itis to wash. I wouldn't repurchase this brush, as I have other buffing brushes that wash out so much better. I did however, adore the 'mini version' of this brush, the BO3 Buffing Concealer Brush. I used this for both concealer and applying foundation, and it

Some of the brushes are quite dense, and that can make them a little hard to wash. I found that I really had to scrub at the buffing brush to get the foundation out of it, which led to some shedding and hairs falling out. I'm not sure how it'll cope being washed over and over so harshly, but it dried okay and I think it may just require a little soak beforehand. The others were all totally fine.. I actually had the same issue with my Zoeva Buffer Brush before, so I think it could be a thing with buffing brushes. (We don't get along.)

I really love the set so far and I do find myself reaching for them all the time, which is great. The AO1 Powder Brush and CO4 Angled Powder Brush are my favourites so far to use. They are so super soft that they distribute just the right amount of product, avoiding the dreaded cake face! I love the angled brush for creating a subtle powder contour as I can really take my time and build up the colour very softly without going overboard. The eye brushes are good too and work very well with Colourpop eyeshadows. The synthetic hairs mean that Colourpop's weird cream/powder at the same time kinda formula blends like a dream! I love using them for blending out a transition colour as it's so quick because of the density. My favourites? The brow brush for sure. I've been loving this for my pomade to create a quick, thick line at the end of my brow, whilst using my Zoeva brow liner for the inner part.

I wish the 10 piece collection was more varied. There are three 'little' brushes included, one being a winged eyeliner/eyebrow pomade type brush which I quite like using for my brows.. but the one I hate is the A09 Winged Eyeliner Brush. This is way too thick to be an eyeliner brush so I'm kind of wondering what to use it for and it hasn't really been used for anything yet except smudging some eyeshadow underneath my eye. Same with the A15, the lip brush. I just don't use lip brushes and this is too small and pointless to use for anything else, so it again, sits pretty abandoned.

I've seen both good and bad things written, but my own opinion is that these are very good brushes and I would for sure purchase these in the future if they hold up. The face brushes were my favourite and if you want to try out the brand, go for those first as they are quite sturdy.. As always, I do recommend buying one or two to test out for yourselves. These aren't expensive so they aren't a major loss if they don't work for you either.

My thoughts, a year on...
This brand is a multi-million-pound company. So why do these brushes snap and break? Out of the collection I was gifted, five of my brushes broke at the ferrule and I found myself having to sueprglue them back together - they haven't broken since. Not one of my Zoeva brushes have ever done this. I feel a bit "meh" about this brand, as although some of the brushes are amazing, and I love and re-purchase my teeny little buffing brush that they sell.. it's just not good enough. 

These are very much brushes that you would buy your 16 year old niece, not buy and use as someone that can afford better. They're cute, but they're cheap for a reason

What do you think? Do you own any Spectrum Brushes?

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  1. Stunning photography as always, Natasha! Your pictures are always so professional! Love that you rated the brushes one by one as well, you've written a really thorough review! Really great that the brushes are cruelty free, this is always a big bonus for me when buying products! I don't actually own any Spectrum brushes yet but I am keen to invest after reading your review!

    Abbey 🌷

  2. These brushes look so pretty! Glad to hear they work well too :)

    xo, Liz

  3. I haven't tried Spectrum yet but I'm definitely tempted as they are SO damn pretty!

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

    1. You should try them! They're super cheap so worth getting :) x

  4. These look so awesome! I really don't need anymore make-up brushes but with how beautiful these are, I'm not sure I'll be able to resist! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  5. I have their eye set and I love their blending brushes! So soft and blends colour out seamlessly.

  6. I love the design of those brushes - so pretty!

    Lotte |

  7. They look so pretty <3 ! Great review. The white brush set actually tempts me..

    xx Charlotta /

  8. These brushes are absolutely stunning!! I love the colours

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  9. I love how different and unique these brushes are. You've made me want to go and purchase a set now!


    1. They're so colourful, I'll never lose them that's for sure. :) Ha xx

  10. These brushes are definitely eye-catching and when you see the breakdown of the price per brush it does seem very reasonable though as you pointed out there are always ones you're just not going to get the use out of!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Yeah, I would probably buy them separately in the future. X

  11. I was thinking about buying some of their sets.
    my favorite would be B01, A05 and A01. is B01 good with liquid foundation?

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle

    1. Yes, most flat top buffers are :) I prefer my Beauty Blender though. xx

  12. It's so annoying when you buy a brush set and there are some brushes that you'll never use in it! Apart from that this looks like a great set!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  13. Nice article, thank you for the sharing

  14. I hear so many great things about Spectrum and I need to try them already. They're gorgeous! Great post!


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