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DECIEM / THE ORDINARY: Review + 3 Month Results

The last really huge skincare craze (.. and I mean lines out the door/every newspaper was talking about it) release was the No 7 Protect & Perfect serum about ten years ago. Remember those days? I remember so vividly when my Mum wanted to get it. People became obsessed with grabbing the product of the year! They lined up for hours at the prospect of having beautiful skin from a miracle product. I was about 10 back then, so I can't really comment and say I was hoping to grab it or whether it was a miracle product (is anything?) but what I do know now, is that skincare is a long-haul. 

You have to prevent wrinkles and take care of your skin while it's young in order to 'look good at 40'. It's not a battle, it's something we should enjoy. However skincare has been made into this enemy of the state, with consumers groaning at the prospect of being faced with 40 different brands and twenty different prices, alongside some really confusing claims. Online brands are popping up everywhere, some good, some not so good. It's rare that you'll discover a brand that is really amazing. And I have. This is one brand you won't have to wait in the cold for, either. 
Deceit / The Ordinary UK Beauty Blogger Review Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid

This is possibly the biggest launch of beauty products ever, and it didn't even need a billboard or Kylie Jenner to stand there posing with it to sell 30,000 units within the first 2 weeks of launching. These products speak for themselves and they have the potential to change the industry and educate consumers about what they're currently buying. 'The Ordinary' isn't such a fitting name, given how fabulous these products are. 

The founder of Deciem, Brandon Truaxe, is a guy that really believes in having good skin at an affordable price. This cool dude basically got sick of seeing overpriced products that really weren't that great from brands that didn't really have a clue. He truly believes in great skincare at an affordable price.. and him and his team are creating it for us everyday! 

To let you guys know why the Ordinary are so extra-ordinary, I'll explain. High street, and especially high end, skincare all centre themselves around a set of 'hero' ingredients. These are usually ingredients like Retinoid (for anti-aging) or Hyaluronic Acid (for plumping and tackling dehydration). The thing is, these brands usually make out that these hero ingredients are some kind of amazing new innovation that will change your skin forever.. and then they slap a huge price ticket on it. Everyday we are bombarded by adverts, celebrity endorsement and new life changing 'ingredients' that will apparently make our wrinkles go away for £85, but it's just not necessary! 

That's what The Ordinary and Deciem are all about though: Not putting an £85 price label on something that doesn't cost the earth to produce and can be really very simple. That's the beauty of this company and their mission. Great skincare doesn't and never has had to cost the earth!
Deceit / The Ordinary UK Beauty Blogger Review Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid

Deceit / The Ordinary UK Beauty Blogger Review Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid

I've been using the Vitamin C Serum for around three months. It's a thicker-than-usual texture that feels slightly grainy when applied. I usually apply it when my face is still wet from the shower and it feels as though it soaks into the skin much easier. I have dry skin and have had no issues with this product. Vitamin C is really, really great for your skin when you apply it topically. Although pictured in the traditional, first release dropper style bottle, the packaging has now changed to a squeezy-tube because of customer feedback. I think this suits the product better as sometimes the dropper does tend to get product over the sides of the glass bottle when you put the dropper back into the bottle as the formula is quite thick.

My results from the product? After 3 months, I've had no issues and my skin has adjusted well to the product. It's given my skin a boost of life and is giving me that lit form within look. This product sinks into skin super quick and doesn't leave a sticky feeling.

Finding what you need on site is super easy as they have a guide to products and when they should ideally be used on site. You can see that right here!

Deceit / The Ordinary UK Beauty Blogger Review Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid dropper uv bottleOnto my real one true love - The £5.90 Hylaronic Acid! I apply a few drops of this in the AM and PM and it keeps my skin so supple and plump. This is a must-have for anyone worried about fine lines or just wanting a boost to the skin. Dehydration can accentuate fine lines, and sometimes moisturiser isn't enough to prevent them from showing when you wear matte foundation - this product will help that. I've noticed an improvement in my skin texture and dryness since using this. You really don't need much of this product, and as pictured it's a nice clear, fragrance-free texture/scent so it's perfect for sensitive skin types too. It's a slightly thick, jelly like consistency and it doesn't leave a sticky residue behind either. Moisturiser layers on top of it like a dream!

Progress? My skin is clearer, as pictured. This photo isn't altered and I am wearing make-up, but my breakouts are far less frequent. My skin is even and hydrated. The moral of the story? Skincare has never had to cost £50 for a retinoid moisturiser or serum and Deciem challenge that. I'd really love to see a super thick, dry-skin friendly night-time moisturiser and face masks from the brand next, as I think that's something a lot of people struggle to find on the market for their skin type with so many confusing 'oils' or 'plant extracts' being added aka slapped onto the label to confuse consumers.

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Have you guys tried anything from Deciem/The Ordinary?
I'm dying to try the Glow Booster serum next from the sister brand Hylamide!

This post is not sponsored and I purchased these with my own money.

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