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A £3 Cleanser You Should Run To Boots For Right Now: Garnier Micellar Gel Cleanser Review

Sometimes, having dry skin can make it difficult to find products that work for my skin. I need something that I can use every night without it stripping my skin and making my face feel like I've just rubbed fairy liquid all over it! I've been looking for a 'foamy' cleanser for a little while now, however most I have tried, are too foamy and leave my skin feeling tight and awful (SLS isn't good for your skin anyway!).

I was in Boots the other day and stumbled across Garnier's new Micellar Gel Cleanser! I was really intrigued, as a lot of 'foamy' cleansers can be very stripping and drying to the skin. Usually at the drugstore price point, manufacturers add fragrance and other irritating ingredients in order to make products more appealing to consumers... an orange fruity scent does nothing for your skin, people! The ingredients don't contain a load of rubbish, therefore I picked it up (I'm a shopaholic - of course I did...)

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I, as always, couldn't wait to get home and try this, so took all my make-up off as soon as I got home using my usual hot cloth method, and then double cleansed with the gel cleanser. It foams the tiniest bit, which means the it won't dry your skin out. My skin wasn't left feeling tight or 'squeaky' clean after using (REALLY not a good thing) and I am honestly very impressed with this product.

It's (thank goodness) fragrance free and has sturdy and hard plastic packaging, with a good quality pump. Are there better products out there? Probably. But for £2.66 on offer, I wasn't about to pass up trying this... And I am glad I did. I can honestly say that this product is going to become a part of my everyday routine, simply because it's so cheap and doesn't dry my skin out. Hey, you don't always need high end products, sometimes the cheap stuff will do!

Have you tried this new cleanser yet?! Let me know your thoughts!

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