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Spring is upon us! I'm a huge fan of dewy skin, even in the Winter, so when the warmer months come around once again, I'm always happy that dewy skin becomes a 'thing'! My skin is quite dry, so matte foundations are a no-go anyway, but that's perfectly okay with me. Summer is all about having fresh and radiant skin. I don't really like a matte base, but in the hot weather, it's nigh impossible to keep it looking great, so you may as well give in and go for a dewy glow instead!

Curated by John Lewis, this Beauty Edit is inspired by bronzed, summer beauty. The look centres around fresh, hydrated skin and that glow from within that you often see on Pinterest!

I picked up:

This is literally like summer in a bottle. I can't say I'm usually a huge fan of fragrance in my make-up and skincare, but this smells really, really great. It has been featured on Allure magazine and has had a really welcoming reception from lots of fellow beauty bloggers, so naturally, I was intrigued! This is like a mix between Fix+ and Urban Decay's All Nighter. It's the summer-friendly, dewy version of the All Nighter spray! It's high end, without a doubt, but it's not so expensive that this couldn't be a gorgeous addition to your make-up battle station.

I really like the fact that this is 'buildable' - you can use one spray for a dewy finish, or even three to four, and you'll be even more glowing! This really is a must-have for any high-end lover, but you might not like this if you have sensitive skin. It's fragranced, contains coconut alkanes and coconut oil, which can pose an issue for acne-prone skin, and they're in a high quantity, so it's up to you whether or not you decide to get this product. I'm personally not sensitive to fragrance or acne-prone, luckily!

The mist is very fine, just like Mac's Fix+. At first I was a little 'woah' when I went to use it, as it's a stark, white liquid. But because the mist is so fine, you won't have any issues unless you go totally ham with this and spray your face twenty times, a la Jeffree Star style.

Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution Lipstick in the shade Pillow Talk*
The key to balancing out any dewy look, is to keep the eyes and lips matte. I usually wear matte or satin lipsticks anyway, so the Matte Revolution ones seemed perfect for me. I was debating which lipstick to get from Charlotte Tilbury, and I pondered for a long time.. The brand is so luxurious! But at £24 a pop, you really want to be sure on the shade, and I personally think that Pillow Talk really is an amazing all-rounder for lots of skin tones. It's the perfect balance between pink and brown, and would wear well with an array of different shades on the eyes, which is perfect if you want to use bright eyeshadows in the summertime!

Charlotte Tilbury's Wonderglow Flash Primer*
This really is a luxury - this primer is a dewy goddess' dream. It softens the skin and blurs imperfections, leaving you looking bright and glowing! Charlotte Tilbury has quite a few indulgent skincare products in her range, and this primer doesn't leave anything to be desired. And at £38.50, it shouldn't! It does everything she claims, and is a really great summer buy. It blends out into a subtle, champagne finish and makes you look that little bit more awake. Just like Strobe Cream, you could get away with this without foundation if you wanted to look like you've just been on holiday, or have the porcelain skin of a supermodel! In line with the price, you don't really need much of this product, which is always a plus when splurging on high-end products. This is a real game changer if you're into high end products.

 So what will you be picking up for Spring and Summer? Will it be high end, or drugstore? 
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