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I'm back this week with a review on a cleanser from a popular US brand, that I happen to like quite a lot. And chances are, one of their products are on one of your Pinterest boards.

This cleanser from Glossier is $18. That is around £13 or 14, depending on the current conversion rate. You get 177ml, but only need 1 or 2 pumps to cleanse your entire face. To me, this is perfectly acceptable, as I am someone that might have around 7 cleansers in my stash at any one time.
Glossier UK Milky Jelly Cleanser Review Beauty Blogger Natasha Kendall Close Up Bottle 2 UK STOCKIST
This is a very gentle choice, making it great for dry or "sensitive" skin. It doesn't foam and it doesn't strip or dry out the skin... but it just feels very basic. And that's not a bad thing, of course not. I'm just not sure that everyone would appreciate spending $18 on a very basic and one-purpose cleanser that doesn't remove mascara or difficult, thick foundations with as much as ease as the brand claim it can. Glossier products are always raved about because people:

1. Want you to use their coupon code - Yep, for every person you refer, you receive $10 in Glossier credit. The person you refer receives 20% off their first purchase. It's a pretty swell referral, and I have used it a few times. Although it has just halved ($5 and 10%) thank the heavens. Perhaps now these representatives will find something better to do. Here is my 10% off code though, in case you want to buy the cleanser: click me, click me!

In case you weren't aware, the Glossier representative program is alike to a vicious MLM scheme. It cheapens their brand and it's pretty much like Younique or Arbonne that your annoying high school friend on Facebook sells. (Also reps, stop stealing my blog photos to gain $5 from your Instagram account referrals - not cool.) I just don't think that Glossier need this representative programme. They can't control how their brand reps shill products, which cheapens them in my opinion. 

2. They think they're pretty products and want to justify taking Instagram photos of them - Which they are. They're pretty, pink and you get stickers in the parcel. How can you complain? But that doesn't mean that every product is perfect. Some of the Glossier formulas leave a lot to be desired.

Glossier UK Milky Jelly Cleanser Review Beauty Blogger Natasha Kendall Close Up Bottle 2 UK STOCKIST

Glossier UK Milky Jelly Cleanser Review Beauty Blogger Natasha Kendall Close Up Bottle 2 UK STOCKIST
I personally love this product, but I wouldn't use this as a double cleanse, it's pretty much just a morning, "I already have a bare face and nothing to really remove from it" type of cleanser. If you wear Estee Lauder Double Wear every day, this won't be for you. It just won't cleanse your skin well enough to remove the foundation and other makeup residues. Note that it contains rose water, which can be irritating on some people's skin, but other than that, the formula is pretty good!

It's pretty much perfect for those of us with dry skin, that still want to wash our face in the AM, but don't want to feel like we're a piece of tight and dry plastic after doing so! I do really enjoy this product, and the bottle has lasted me a fair while. It spreads evenly for a product that doesn't foam up, which is refreshing. Usually, I feel like I have to use a lot of product if something doesn't foam or feel oily.

So would I recommend this? Yes. I really like it, but it is entirely dependant on your budget. I would re-purchase this, as it's only about £14 (give or take) which is a fair price for a mid-range brand. I assume this will be around £18, when it hits the UK this year via whatever retailer Glossier choose to go for. Their international shipping to the UK should be live by the end of this year. I'm guessing either Space NK or Cult Beauty.

Have you tried any Glossier products? Are you excited for the brand to get a UK stockist and ship to the UK?

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  1. I've seen this brand popping up quite often but never used their products before, this sounds promising...

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I just picked up my first two products from Glossier. I always see people raving about the brand, so when they started shipping to Canada, I jumped on it! Anyways, thanks for sharing your honest review! On the website, they make it seem like it's a cleanser that takes off everything (without having to use any other cleansers) so I was really surprised to hear it didn't take everything off for you.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  3. Wonderful article shared about milky jelly CLEANSER,Thanks for sharing........

  4. I've heard SO many good things about this cleanser - I really need to get my hands on some!

  5. I really like your honesty on this review. The product name makes it sound amazing and glad to hear it does the job. I might give it a try x

  6. I don't wear much makeup so this would probably do me as a general cleanser, i like the simple ones.


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