Monday, 30 October 2017

A Halloween Look For When You Leave Everything Til The Last Minute

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If you're not that into Halloween like me.. and really aren't that artistic... but want to avoid your friends nagging you to dress up, I might just have the look for you. It's easy and doesn't really interfere with your other make-up such as contour or highlighter, so it's perfect for clubbing or even down the pub (if you're that extra!)

Illamasqua Illustrator Pen This is one of the best eyeliner pens I've ever used. It's what will give you the very precise, jet-black lines The nib is tiny and it makes for an easy eyeliner application. You can easy get a more muted "grey" black that I've used for the leopard print or little freckles simply by not pressing as hard or using the very end of the tip softly. You can get 25% off the eyeliner using the code NATASHA25!

Vapour Eyeshadow
1. Apply this with a soft fluffy blending brush and buff out the edges well, so that they're not harsh. The focus of this look is the leopard print, not the eyeshadow, so keep it simple, but the orange will make sure that the look stays cohesive!
2. You can also blend this onto your contour a little too in order to make the look even more seamless.
3. Use it on the leopard spots and apply some glitter on top or a darker brown colour.

Skin Base
A make-up artist fave, and for good reason, too! You'll maintain a flawless coverage all night with this product and it's also perfect for layering "art" over. This foundation plays well with almost every other product, so you'll not run into any issues with longevity or your leopard print wearing off.

Other tips: 
> Brush up your brow hairs up a little more than you usually would using a clear or tinted brow gel.
> In order to get the cat eye look, just pull your eyeliner a little further into the corner of your eye. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it'll really bring the look together from afar!
> You can get away with contouring a little heavier than you usually would. 
> You can add the little freckles around the mouth in lieu of whiskers for a more subtle look.
> Add glitter for extra glam!

25% off selected items on the Illamasqua website using the code NATASHA25

What are you doing for Halloween?

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