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If I had to guess the next launch from uber-cute brand Glossier, it would have been a face scrub or new balm dotcom scent - not body wash and perfume... But here we are! And at least one of these launches has gone well-noticed this year (the body wash and moisturiser didn't quite make the "cult status" like Balm Dotcom) and the first ever fragrance from the brand is not something that you might expect!

You fragrance is delightful. 

It smells exactly as Emily Weiss first described it: like you just hugged your boyfriend, basically. It’s a musky, slightly vanilla and reminds me a little bit of burnt marshmallows (in the best way)

It's warm smelling and you'll feel like you are a 6'2 Victoria Secret model the moment that you spray it. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever tried before, and I pre-ordered this the moment that I sprayed the sample that came with my order. This is one of those fragrances that just can't be described, but one that will suit almost anyone.

As any fragrance will, this smells different on everyone, but the general scent is broken down by Glossier themselves:

> Base notes: ambrette: comfy, warm / ambrox: smooth, salty, animalistic / musk: long-lasting, addictive.
> Top notes:  iris root: earthy, green, woody / pink pepper: spice, sparkling.

I have to admit, I expected something much different from the brand for a perfume launch. The slightly pink/off-white bottle colour works, but the shocking red doesn't feel like Glossier. I guess it's just missing that on-brand feeling, but I like this bottle, as I can't imagine how else this brand could introduce a fragrance. It's different, which I love. I guess what I mean is that you can usually, and instantly, spot a Glossier product on someone's shelf, therefore, this feels a bit weird to see in contrast to their gorgeous pastel tones.

The bottle is like a girly lab sample, and so is the packaging. The red foam is weird but also cool, and definitely a different approach to packaging for this brand. It would be easy to wrap, that's for sure! I know that this new style from the brand is a bit love/hate in the beauty community at the moment, but I really love it.

A couple of pro's for this super simple packaging is ease of travel!
> It's not so overpowering that it'll put off people in the same train carriage as you, but it's definitely there
> It fits into your suitcase/bag perfectly. It's not an awkward shape.
It's 3/4 of an iPhone tall. (Yes, that's good measurements there) AKA it's not going to take up lots of luggage space.

Overall, I do love this fragrance. If you can handle the slightly lesser pastel *Glossier aesthetic* .. then give it a try - Becuase it will most likely impress you!

Have you tried anything from Glossier yet?

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