Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Saving Money At University: Paperclip x Student Money Saver

If you're a student, you know the struggles that come along with university costs. Books can cost anywhere from £30 to £90 at a time, and that's never covered by the university. Of course, you can borrow books from the library, but often long-term borrowing can become an annoyance if you know that you'll need something all year, or even for your whole course. And then there is finding all the random things that you need for your uni house - even more of an expense!

But did you know, buying second hand is actually very viable if you're in a university town? It's not always "that needs to go in the bin" microwaves or dodgy mattresses. In student areas, buying second-hand or popping things you don't need on sites like Paperclip can be a goldmine. Well, a few lattes.

However, it’s hard to know where to look for these student-friendly deals and sites. When students finish third year, lots of them will unload books, kitchen items, house bits and bobs and so much more that they'll no longer need. That's where Paperclip x SMS comes in. Student Money Saver is one of my favourite sites for cash-saving tips anyway, but when I saw the Marketplace that they'd opened with Paperclip, I think that this could be what students need to finally have somewhere to create as a go-to for essentials.

This kind of site can really take the pressure off spending £50 on a book when you could find the same one, or a similar version, for £10 from someone that just wants to get rid of stuff before Summer kicks in. And the same with furniture - if you can’t make it to Ikea before term starts, try seeing if anyone is getting rid of a bedside table or drying rack. Chances are, they’ll want pennies for it.

The kind of things you’ll find on Paperclip: Bikes, Kitchen items, Books, Furniture..

... And so much more! It’s super easy to use, so you won’t have to worry about paying to sign up or having trouble finding the things you want. You can pick categories to look at, so from books to bed frames, you should be able to easily find anything you’d like to look at a distance that you choose on the site. You can even pick to see ads by how recently they were uploaded. What could be easier? I know I'll be popping my English books onto the site once I finish my degree! (I can't say I want to re-read a book on Victorian literature...)
P.S. Anyone that adds an item to the marketplace in January and February is entered into prize draw to win £100! You can find details on Paperclip's Facebook Page.

Will you be buying your books full price this year, or saving the cash and going second hand?

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