Monday, 3 September 2018

Revolution Quietly Launch Their Skincare Range

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When Revolution founder Adam Minto announced that the brand would be delving into skincare a few months ago, I have to admit - I rolled my eyes. The brand is on a roll with the fabulously affordable make-up dupes, so skincare seemed like it would be rushed and ignored.

I was wrong. 

I'm surprised to see a really lovely selection of products available to people in physical drugstores. I won't ignore the elephant in the room- that they're not quite as good as The Ordinary's formulas, but when I think of the people missing out on good skincare because they aren't online or in the loop about Deciem, I'm pretty happy with a few not-so-amazing additions to this range!

I'm also pleased that the brand actually offer some insight into what the product actually does within the name of the product. Taglines such as "Skin plumping" / "Wrinkle & Fine line reducing serum" / "Blemish & Pore refining serum" will help less educated consumers to pick out products that they need in-store.

Revolution are very good at knowing their target audience. The cute rose-gold cap and the quirky, on-trend bottles are going to attract both skincare-newbies and some experts just dying to know what teh difference is between The Ordinary and this mysterious twin-sister!

The line-up:

Obviously, the hyper-educated consumer will pick out that coconut oil isn't the best carrier for a retinol (plus it's not in UV-protective packaging). Or that the CBD oil is actually more like grape, almond, coconut, vegetable than hemp seed oil. And why is there orange peel oil in the Rosehip oil? So to simplify my thoughts there, the Revolution blends contain some preservatives, oils and ingredients that aren't skin-friendly. 

But despite these initial concerns, this is an amazing step in the right direction for the UK skincare market! I'm very impressed and can't wait to try some of the formulas out.

Will we see more brands go one-note like this?

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  1. I didn't know Makeup Revolution launched a skincare range. Like yourself, I would have been sceptical but after reading your post I think I'd give the products a try.


  2. I never knew they were coming out with skincare! Their makeup products are amazing so I can't wait to see what these are like!


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