Monday, 5 November 2018


I love Christmas.

Not really for the presents, but in general the festive season is so snuggly, warm and cosy. I mean, minus the rain or one CM of snow that stops the whole of the UK and our trains. I mean, come on dude. I have places to go.. Like home, to watch movies and TV shows on a quality screen such as Oled television PanasonicWhile I'm perfectly happy with a basic box of chocolates (after all, I have everything I could possibly want), I do always want a good movie to watch if I'm unwinding around the period. I love to get tucked into bed with a hazelnut hot chocolate (and a mountain of cream) to watch cheesy movies in front of the television. Despite Christmas not being quite as exciting now that I'm 23 and have no Bratz dolls to freak out over, I do really enjoy the nippy and (sometimes) snowy season.

My favourite movies have always remained the same over the years and I'll always re-watch the same ones every year without fail. No shame, people! I am just a serial re-watcher. 

1. The Grinch - The movie I can sit there and say "Literally me" to as I enjoy time off away from work. It's just such a classic and never seems to age! It's great to watch with the whole family when you have guests over and always makes everyone laugh. Did you guys know that Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl actually plays the little girl in the Grinch? Who knew..

2. Gossip Girl - Okay, so hear me out. Why is it always Winter, fall, Christmas and Thanksgiving on Gossip Girl? Every few episodes it seems like Serena and Blair and eating Pumpkin Pie and faffing over boyfriend troubles! I love the families in Gossip Girl so sitting down to watch an episode (or 10..) is a lovely way to pass time around Christmas.

3. Love, Actually - this might be my favourite Christmas movie of all time. I think the first time you watch this, you get the best feeling ever of, "Oh, so NOW it makes sense!" but the characters are so normal with real struggles. It feels like you're a fly on the wall and this really is shot in the best way ever. You feel just connected enough to each character to feel invested and it's tied up in a really nice way. It's highly rated for a reason! 

4. The Holiday  - This movie is just so adorable in a "My boyfriend hates that he's being made to watch this" kind of way! Jude Law is a 10/10 hunk in this movie and it's just so wildly unrealistic that it's the best movie to watch around Christmas. The movie came out in 2006 but it's still as relevant as ever. It's a must-see and a Christmas classic for rom-com lovers.

I must say, I am looking forward to this year.. Does anyone else re-watch the same movies every year, without shame? Maybe I'll finally switch up my viewing schedule? (I totally won't) I absolutely love my classic list of must-watch movies, but I'm always willing to try new things! 

What films or TV shows do you like to watch around Christmas? 

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