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Pixi Beauty, our OG, pretty-packaging favourite to post snaps of before all the millennial pink brands came along. Pixi have been providing us with not only cute shelfies, but good skin for a long time. The lesser raved about make-up is simply brilliant quality and best of all, provides cute packaging in a travel-friendly format, all at a good price point.

I received the Glow-y Gossamer Duos in a PR package a while ago and have been religiously using them ever since. The fact that it comes with two shades to mix and define for your desired intensity and undertone is awesome - but also, the size is the best part, as the shades are different enough to take away on holiday without bulking up your make-up bag. Highlighters are generally quite flashy in packaging and always bulky, so for travel, these Pixi duos are really not a bad choice!

A natural looking glow on skin
Silky and buttery formula
Ultra blendable

The Pixi make-up range is stocked by Cult Beauty, LookFantastic, and even ASOS, so no pesky customs fees or difficulty nabbing this on your next online shopping spree at lunchtime.

These offerings from Pixi provide the gorgeous 'lit from within' look that we all desire, and don't leave your face looking chalky or over-highlighted. If you're wanting a super obvious look, these aren't for you. They are buildable, but they are not blinding - which is a good thing, make no mistake! They do capture the light, but they won't look too much at your cousin's wedding or meeting your boyfriend's Mum. Is that a good way to explain it? Probably not... But it makes the most sense!

Do you have any make-up from Pixi?

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