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It Cosmetics CC Cream is a full-coverage foundation with mineral sun protection and added skincare benefits. The brand claim that this is a hydrating formula (true) that helps to conceal imperfections (true) minimise the appearance of pores (true) and leave your face looking seamless (double true!)

A little goes a long way
The packaging is an absolute dream. A soft, plastic tube with a pump means your make-up bag fits way more in when you're using this foundation. I couldn't wish for anything better. It's holiday/travel friendly and very light. I know some people prefer a glass bottle when they're buying high-end foundations but quite frankly I despise some of them - the Nars Sheer Glow is a nightmare to travel with, the bulky square bottle is quite frankly, annoying!

I have never looked so good after a day at the office
This formula doesn't crease, crack, fade or look chalky by 5:00pm. I find that a lot of foundations won't last the day The formula is very light but very, very buildable - it will cover redness, spots and any other issues, but doesn't cling to those pesky dry spots or scabs, and it doesn't look crazy if you retouch it during the day. I honestly can't think of one downside to this product. This foundation really is 'your skin, but better'. Coverage wise, it’s medium to full - but by no means heavy, as a lot of foundations are these days. I am shocked I never tried this before! I guess when a brand isn't accessible to try in a store like Boots, it's harder to want to take a risk both colour AND formula wise. £31 is a lot of money to waste to absolutely hate a make-up product, so this is yet another reason that I love the Boots makeover - new brands!

Natasha Kendall | it cosmetics cc cream foundation boots review blogger swatch essex blogger dry skin review

It's 32ml, so a whole 2ml more than your usual high-end bottles (hurrah!) and at £31, you really can't complain. I know a few people (well, my friend Hannah, to be precise) hate the plastic squeeze-tube type foundation packaging, they prefer a nice frosted glass bottle and rightfully so, make-up is a luury and makes you feel good, of course you want the packaging to look pretty too. But the fact that you probably waste a few ML with glass bottles is something to factor in here. You can cut open tube packaging once you are wanting the last dregs from it - don't judge me, okay. Waste not, want not. It's also more environmentally friendly. Even Fenty Beauty have released a foundation in this format.

You can buy this at Boots, and remember, you can now get student discount there using your ID and Advantage Card! So if you're lucky enough to still be a student, that's a whole £3 off (almost a grande frappuccino...) then make the most of it while you can!

I would like to see more shades in this range if I am honest though. I do need to bronze my neck a little when I wear their fairest shade, so they aren't quite catering to us ghosts who mask ourselves in fake tan just yet... I imagine the formula is fine if you aren't a complete ghost, though. And to be honest I have tan on, and it's not too dark that a bit of bronzing on my neck doesn't blend it in just fine.

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