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I have recently been having Laser Hair Removal in Southend, Essex at Beauty By Laser. I was kindly contacted by the team back in June to come and see what the brand new clinc is like, to receive the treatment and see what the clinic had to offer. I had been eyeing up laser hair removal for a while but honestly had no clue about any of it, but I felt as though I was in good hands with Beauty By Laser in Southend. The owner, Kelli-Anne, has 18 years experience working on all different types of people, skin, hair types and more! She's treated over 25,000 people, so I knew she was the right person to go with. When you're getting something like laser done, it's important to keep your skin safe - which means picking the right person for the job.

In short, it's when a laser selectively targets hair follicles. It heats them up to damage them - while keeping your skin safe! It works the best on dark hair and pale skin, and the coarser the hair, the better your results will be. So your legs, underarms and bikini-area would be the ideal places to get this if you want it. These days, lasers can treat all different skin types, so if you have darker skin, you can still get this treatment. 

Laser Hair Removal is really an investment in freedom. It frees up time and money in the long-run, and allows you to not have to worry about shaving before events (we have all done the frantic rush back to the bathroom to shave our legs because we forgot in the shower, right ladies?!)

My patch test included a consultation, where my skin and hair type was assessed - my hair is dark and my skin is pale, so I was a perfect candidate for laser hair removal. Kelli-Anne explained that it would take roughly 5-8 sessions to achieve the hairless, "done" look, which she'd assess as time went on. (I'll be posting follow-ups about my treatment in the coming weeks with photos and the progress from start to finish.)

I have had waxes before, and although that lasts a few weeks, it's still annoying to deal with waiting for the hair to be long enough to go for another wax. With laser, I will never have that issue again! Also, can anyone else relate with the annoying dark 'strawberry dots' showing on your legs... even after you've shaved using the best, newest razor and used the nicest, fanciest shaving cream or oil. It's SO ANNOYING! 

I attended my patch test with Kelli-Anne and was shown the salon, what they offer and the treatment rooms - everywhere was pristine and perfectly clean. It's quite a sizeable clinic, with a wide variety of treatments. From nails to fancy LED light facials, they do it all! My patch test was essentially just a marked up square on my leg, to kind of 'track' if I had a reaction in the area (which I didn't)

The next week, I went back to the clinic for my first session! After Kelli-Anne explained the process - how the laser worked and what I might feel, the treatment began. My legs were marked up into sections and she got started - it was a very quick treatment and I was surprised at how lunch-hour friendly it actually is! It's so easy. The first treatment took roughly 10-15 minutes. She had told me that I might feel a little pinging sensation but that this would be offset by a cooling mechanism that the laser had built into it. She just quickly moved the laser over each section and zapped away. I just scrolled Instagram while she did it. (and took some photos of course!)

The hair grows back uneven, patchy and over time, less and less as the hair is lasered during treatments - this is my re-growth after 3 sessions, to give you an idea of what to expect. So you can see it works! You can still shave of course, but I decided to leave it to show you how it grows back and what to expect. You might also find that the hair grows back extremely slowly - Just what to expect from the treatment.

Short answer? Not really.

I read a few blogs online that said the laser really hurt - but honestly, I could barely feel the laser zapping away as it is over so quickly in each section! It's not a painless treatment, but it's not 'painful'.

 There is cool air that puffs onto the skin during the treatment and that offsets anything you might find "painful". It kind of feels like tiny elastic bands... but not even as bad as that. When someone pings you with an elastic band, you can feel it for minutes after, with laser you can't feel it at all once it's onto the next spot! There is no lingering feeling after about 3 seconds the 'painful' feeling is totally gone. I am a total wimp, so if I am saying you won't feel "pain", you won't feel pain! It might cause a wince or two on your bikini line, but legs and underarms? No way. The only area I really felt the laser 'ping' was my ankle.

Once my treatment was done, I was free to leave with some aftercare information from Kelli-Anne. I was advised not to use anything like glycolic acid on my legs, use sunbeds, or anything that might be too harsh or abrasive for my treatment period and especially straight after laser. Whilst you're having laser hair removal, you can't go sunbathing and you should keep your skin out of the sun. 

Aftercare is pretty simple when it comes to laser hair removal, and if I’m honest, I didn’t experience any side effects such as redness or soreness, but I applied the aloe vera gel in the evening again anyway. In fact.. it was as if I had never been lasered! It doesn't hurt or feel sore later, so you can safely get this done during your lunch or before an evening out and wear jeans. 

I can't think of one single downside about this treatment. Some people might say the cost, but in my opinion, the cost is, overall, minimal compared to what you might spend on getting a wax, razors and other hair removal methods. I think that as I explained earlier, not having to bother shaving again is really the main draw with this. Even if you're buying razors on offer, they are pricey if you use them all the time (for ones that won't leave you ripped to shreds, anyway..) so I would 100% recommend this treatment to anyone that feels as though they need a more permanent option for hair removal. As treatments are roughly six weeks apart, the cost doesn't really feel like an issue, either. 

Overall, I am loving my treatment and only have a couple more sessions to go! I will be posting more on my Instagram about the treatment and keeping you guys updated on there as well as on here with a follow-up post! 

For more information on Laser Hair Removal by Beauty by Laser in Southend Essex...
visit their websiteFacebook page, Instagram or call 01702 842522 - they offer free consultations! 

Love always,

My treatment was gifted.


  1. I've always found the idea of laser hair removal interesting, it would make things so much easier not having to remove hair over and over. I like that it isn't too painful, perhaps I need to look into it more.

  2. I have had laser treatment on my face for redness and it was slightly uncomfortable but better than waxing. Would like to try it for hair removal

  3. I've considered this treatment before but never really been able to find extensive reviews such as this. I'm definitely going to see what local places offer this treatment near me, I love that regrowth is so slow.

  4. I bet this was quite the experience but look at those results! It looks fantastic!

  5. This is something that I would consider doing, however, I'd never got as far as looking into the ins and outs of it. This is really helpful to know what to expect and the possible results I could expect.

  6. Very good review. It's good to be able to read thorough reviews to know what to expect. I will definitely consider Lazer now.

  7. My mummy has never tried Laser Hair Removal but would love to give it go to see what it's like! I'm glad it didn't hurt much x


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